Hartley Library Phase 2 Refurbishment


Blue study booths

Following successful completion of the 2016 Hartley Library Level 3 refurbishment, we are starting the Hartley Library Phase 2 refurbishment on 12 June 2017. This project will enhance and improve areas on Levels 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the Hartley.

This summer we will:

  • Provide new quiet study spaces in two areas of Level 1 – the area to the right of the main staircase and around to the far right-hand corner will be refurbished. In the far left-hand corner, walls will be removed to create a new, concentrated study area with 40+ spaces. Power will be supplied to desktops throughout
  • Refurbish the Assistive Technology Service room on Level 2 – this room will be redecorated and completely refurnished
  • Introduce the popular blue study booths to Level 4 – the area at the top of the main staircase will be completely refurbished including 100+ study spaces, with power to the desk tops
  • Create and improve bookable Group Study Rooms on Levels 4 and 5 – a new group study room is being created on Level 4 and there will be a refurbished quiet study and group area on Level 5 (south)
  • Refurbish Training Rooms 4075 and 4077 as more flexible, higher specification teaching & learning spaces 

In addition, the smaller of the two lifts in the Hartley Library is being completely refurbished to ensure compliance with lift regulations.


Level 3 seating

Look out for signs in the Library guiding you along new routes for access to stock and study spaces. The areas most affected will be Levels 1 and 4. There will be no main staircase access to these levels. You will be directed to the rear staircase on Level 3 and down to Level 1 or up for Level 4, or you can use the lift.

Library staff will advise you on the quietest areas. If you are a wheelchair user, please email us in advance of your visit (libenqs@soton.ac.uk) to confirm access routes.

We apologise for noise and disruption during these works which will improve and extend the study and learning spaces in the Hartley Library.

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