Semester 1 exam preparation


As always, the exam period will be an extremely busy time with around 10,000 people using the Hartley Library every day.

We recommend taking regular breaks from revision, but please keep your valuables with you and clear your desk if you plan to be away for longer than 30 minutes. During revision and exam periods, as at other times throughout the year, we ask that Library users behave with consideration for others.  Work in quiet, respecting the study needs of others and please do not “hog” precious study space needed by others.  To encourage this behaviour, Library staff will be monitoring desk saving by students  and placing orange notices warning students about leaving belongings.

24/7 opening hours at Hartley resume at 07.30am on Monday, 9th January and continue until 24th March. Over the Semester 1 exam period the safety bus will run an extended service to help students get home. Buses will run throughout the night.

Extra space in the Hartley Library:
Four extra rooms will be opened up during the exam period. These rooms are for quiet study and provide workstations, wifi and study desks. The rooms will be available at the following times (when not booked out for library training sessions):

Level 4: Library Training Rooms 4075 and 4077

  • Monday-Friday: 07.30-19:00
  • Saturday & Sunday: 09:00-16:30

Level 3: Library Training Room 3009 and
Level 1: Library Training Room 1009

  • Open at all times


The Hartley Library will also provide temporary study desks for the duration of the exam period to make maximum use of space. This will include space on Level 4 around the gallery.

You will be able to book study spaces in the Hartley Library, to guarantee availability of a spot for working. These bookable spaces will be in the quiet areas on Level 5 and in the Course Collection on Level 2. Bookings will be open from the start of term. You can book up to 4 hours on any one day.

Outside the Hartley, the Union Safety Bus  will run overnight from Monday and we have been working with Student Services to  coordinate the University offer around exams. Watch out for the posts on SUSSED about finding additional study space, exam and revision workshops and staying safe and healthy over exams.

Library & Learning Commons
Our L&LC team at the Avenue Campus, will be running the Break Metre trial again and will have a Graffiti Board to capture any feedback from students. After this has been completed we will make a decision as to whether to roll it out to other areas.

Full information can be found on the 24/7 LibGuide:

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