Did you scribble on our graffiti wall?


Graffiti wall

In September 2016, the University invested in a refurbishment project for the entrance area of Hartley Library Level 3.  The Project took 5 weeks to complete and provided an additional 78 study spaces for users of the Hartley Library.  The design of the new area incorporated a wide range of colours, styles and seating.  New lighting improved the overall environment and power sockets were provided to all new desktops.

When the refurbishment project was completed, we began a user experience (UX) Project which included 3 separate objective studies to enable the Library to understand user preferences for study space and design: observational studies by expert Library staff; user-led/touchstone tours of Library spaces and 7-day diary studies of learning spaces and services across the institution.  In addition, we provided Library users with a “Graffiti Board” and invited feedback and comments on what people liked/disliked and would like to be added to this and other refurbished spaces in the Hartley.


High back study sofa

Here is a summary of the comments received and the response from the Library.




Colourful carpet Positive Yes, that’s true
5 computers, though? Negative 3 networked PCs installed on desks
Sofas are just amazing Positive Thank you
Phat bags Positive OK
Study booths are awesome and mega compact Positive Glad you are pleased
I heart orange coaches Positive Thanks for letting us know
It’s lit Positive Good lighting is essential for study spaces
Really good, could do with more water fountains, though Positive We will explore the possibility of additional water fountains
More Group rooms We will include this in our plans for refubishing other Library spaces
More sofa desks This comment will be included in plans for other refurbishment
Far right corner, where there used to be the rooms, it’s unnecessary space for group tables as you can’t talk, so put more booths in please Under review and consideration. The furniture we planned for arrives in February 2017
Could we have hot/drinking water supply?  Drinking fountains are on Levels 2 and 4.  Hot water from the Library cafe on Level 2
People shouldn’t be allowed their feet on the sofa – it’s gross  We agree!  Please keep your feet off of the furniture
Not enough computers Negative  3 additional networked PCs have been installed.  Please be aware that there are networked PCs on all other levels of Hartley
More booths please sporadically placed  Neutral  We are exploring other refurbishment designs
More plugs Negative All desks have power sockets installed now
Looks like Emirates Business Class – the TV and free food  Oh dear (I think)
Too hot!!! Negative Fans to be installed
Very, very nice Positive Glad you like it
It’s cool Positive  Thank you
These tables are a bit of a waste as it’s really supposed to be a quiet zone and cannot be used for group work.  Really nice idea though, it’s probably worth having a glass wall in between this area and the one with blue booths Positive Under review and consideration.  Still awaiting arrival of correct furniture
Sainsbury bag Neutral  The orange is striking
Invest in a/c Negative Fans to be installed
The sofas are just amazing. Much better than @home. Positive  Maybe you can be inspired by this space?
No space! Negative We will take this comment into account in other refurbishment plans
Make the booths bookable in exam time Neutral Desk booking will return in the next exam period
Cool and good Positive Thank you
Bit hot and stuffy Negative Fans to be installed
cheap Negative  Ooops
It’s really hot!! Temp control needed Negative Fans to be installed
It’s flipping sick, bruv! Positive Thanks
Chilled out sexy vibes Positive Steady
Room 3c feels like a sauna, it needs a fan. Negative Fans to be installed
Green sofa/study areas are insane…more of these please Positive  We will take this comment into account in other plans for refurbishment
Lovely jubbly Positive Thank you

In December 2016 a University Capital Programmes Board, approved outline proposals for refurbishment of areas on Levels 1 and 4 of the Hartley Library.  In the early weeks of 2017, a Library Project Team is developing detailed plans for these works.  Planning will be informed by the results of the full range of UX approaches we have used including the feedback and comments from the “Graffiti Board”.

We will provide more detail of our plans in other blog posts later in the coming months.


Blue study booths

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