Wireless upgrade in the Hartley Library

During Summer 2016 there is an unprecedented level of activity at Highfield as a result of the University investing in Projects to improve buildings, to enhance physical spaces and to create new landscaped areas for us to enjoy on campus.  Access to online resources, services and publications is indispensable for the University Library.  A Project is underway to provide a major upgrade to the Hartley Library wifi service.  Contractors are working in the Hartley between 15th August and late September to improve the wireless service coverage.

While the upgrade work is taking place, small areas of the Hartley Library will be cordoned off for short periods of time to enable works to be completed. A noticeboard in the Hartley Library entrance foyer details, on a daily basis, where the work is taking place, and which areas are unavailable.  In addition, another noticeboard is placed at the entrance to the level on which the work is taking place.


This Project will ensure there is better wireless coverage in all areas of the Hartley Library.  The upgrade is for the eduroam wifi service and also the free WiFi Guest service.

This upgrade is part of the University’s Network Architecture Programme that is delivering:

  • New Fibre Optic network
  • A very high capacity core network
  • Enhanced wireless network
  • Faster and more resilient Network connectivity to University sites

The Hartley is the first University building in which this infrastructure improvement work is being delivered because of the key role that the Library plays in overall student and academic success.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and we would appreciate your assistance during these installation works.

If you have any queries regarding access to Library materials or study spaces during this time, please contact Library staff on Level 2, Hartley Library.

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