Academic Skills support – Summer 2016


This week, on Thursday, all you continuing students will be getting your exam results. Now might be the right time for you to consider improving your essay writing, note making or other skills.

The Academic Skills Hub is open for drop-in support in the Hartley Library on Level 2 throughout the summer months.

Opening times:  Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 (except for Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2016).

The University Library provides access to a range of academic skills resources across all subjects. If you need help with some particular aspect of academic skills, Library staff will be happy to talk with you for up to 20 minutes and help with what you need to know. We can guide or direct you to useful resources so you can work on any gaps you might have in your academic skills.

In addition to drop-ins available in the Hub, we also have information and resources to help you to work on any areas of concern on our online Academic Skills LibGuide.

A great way to prepare yourself for the start of the new academic year in October is to invest some time working through the self-paced interactive modules of Skills4Study. Modules are available for:

  • Reading and note making
  • Writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Referencing and plagiarism
  • Group work and presentations

Use the diagnostic test at the beginning of each module to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses in academic skills. Go to our online Academic Skills LibGuide, click on the Skills4studycampus link and follow the ‘institutional login’ link to get started.

There are collections of academic skills books available to borrow at :-

  • Hartley Library, and
  • National Oceanographic Library

See Opening Times for all University Library sites throughout the summer.


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