Take the pledge – I won’t eat smelly food


Revision continues, how is it going for you all? Did you create a study plan and are you  sticking to it? Congratulations if you are! So a bit of fun, a pledge with a serious side which will make life more comfortable for all during  revision. Will you be considerate and take the pledge to:

  • Clear study space if you’re not using it?
  • Eat cold food and quick snacks?
  • Revise quietly?
  • Live without your phone (or put it on silent)?

Within the library and around campus remember there are a variety of spaces to study, even if it’s not exactly where you want it. All the library asks is for you to be considerate whilst studying and if you are going to be leaving your desk for more than 30 minutes please take your belongings with you. Remember also not to leave any valuables about as we do have things going missing.

Remember whilst studying to take breaks, it will help you in the long run. However, if you do wish to stay at your desk and eat, please ensure the food is cold as hot food smells more and travels. At the end of the day as well as clearing your study space, please put all rubbish in bins, if you spill anything, let us know so we can clear up. If we don’t know about it we can’t fix it!

Please try to revise quietly to help those revising around you. If you find music relaxing whilst you revise that’s great, but please wear headphones. If you like to revise in the library quiet areas please keep them quiet and if you can’t live without your mobiles put it to silent to avoid the buzzing of a vibrating phone.

Just lift your head and look around, there are plenty of other students revising. So be considerate to each other. Smile, breathe, relax and you’ll get there, and then your summer will start! Good luck with your exams, and the library is here if you need it.



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