Do you want a stimulating existence and ultimate contentment? Look after your brain.


Looking after your brain during revision and exams is easy. You need your grey cells working at full strength, so give them a constant supply of energy and I don’t mean energy drinks, chocolate and caffeine. Evidence shows that just a bowl of cereal will enable you to concentrate more.  Who ate all the Shreddies?

Keep it plump and juicy – Improve your cognition by staying hydrated. 60% of your body is water, make sure you top up regularly.

Brains don’t like to be distracted – Turn off your phone – everyone knows you are in the Library revising anyway.

You have found a seat, eaten breakfast, turned off your phone and filled up your water bottle and although you can’t hear it your brain is gently humming away ready to help you get the exam results you deserve.

The hardest thing is actually to get started, so remember you can use our exam techniques pages to help you organise your revision and to stay focused. Plan your breaks and give yourself something to look forward to – read more about support events from SUSU.

Working from home – you can use SVE off campus to find past exam papers and ebooks on exam techniques as well as other University Library electronic resources via DelphiS.

(W. Richie Russell (from Explaining the Brain, London: Oxford University Press, 1975)





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