I don’t want to revise!


Let’s be honest, not many people launch into revision with excitement and enthusiasm but we all know that the more effort we put in, the greater the result will be. Deep down you know that drawing up a brightly coloured revision timetable that you won’t stick to is not the same as actively revising, nor is staring blankly at your notes while thinking about food/drink/Game of Thrones.

We know how stressful revising can be, so here are the extra measures we are taking at Hartley to make things easier:

Finding somewhere to study

24 hour opening at Hartley: 24/7 opening restarted on April 18th, and will continue until midnight on Friday 3rd June. After 10pm the outer doors change to card entry, so you need your student card to enter the Library.

Bookable study desks and group study rooms: you can book study desks throughout the revision and exam period. We have bookable desks in the Course Collection and on Level 5, and you can book a desk for up to 4 hours per day. You can also continue to book group study rooms when you are working with other people.

Extra study space in the library:  we have opened up the Library training rooms on levels 1, 3 and 4, providing extra desks and computers – full details are on our LibGuides page. We also have additional temporary desks and chairs in place for the exam period to make as many seats available as we can.

Abandoned desks: if you are leaving your desk/workstation computer for more than 30 minutes, please take all your personal items with you so that another student can use the space. We understand you need a break now and again, but it is not fair to other students to leave your belongings and disappear for ages. If a desk with books or personal items on is left unattended we will place a dated and timed note on it explaining that if it remains vacant for 30 minutes anyone else is free to use the desk.

Remember –  keep your valuables with you to keep them safe.

Extra study space around Highfield campus: if you want a break from the Library, this SUSU blog post identifies some of the additional places to study around campus.

Computers: you can use the iSolutions workstation availability tool to find a free computer on campus or borrow a laptop from Hartley for use in the Library (it will be due back at 11pm on the day that you borrow it). If you are revising at home remember to use SVE to access our online resources.  If you need IT help, the iSolutions desk in the Library is open 9-5 Monday-Friday or you can contact them by phone or online.


Studying in Hartley Library

Food & drink: As throughout the year, cold food and drinks with lids are allowed on Levels 1-3 of Hartley, and bottles of water are allowed on Levels 4 and 5 (there are water fountains on Levels 2 and 4).

Cleaning and security: Our team of cleaners are carrying out additional sweeps for rubbish, and we have security staff in the Library all through the night who provide a full report to Library staff in the morning.

Academic Skills Hub: need help with exam or revision techniques? Pop into the Academic Skills Hub from 10-12 and 2-4 Monday-Friday, just past the IT Helpdesk in Hartley or visit their website for helpful tips.

Getting home: the SUSU safety bus is running throughout the night during the revision period.

Feeling stressed or worried? Our LibGuides page has links and advice if you need someone to talk to.

Good luck to everyone who is revising or writing assignments/dissertations! All your hard work will be worth it in the end.


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