Why Open Access?


Last week, we posted about the new HEFCE guidelines for the REF – the need to deposit your work in ePrints and make it Open Access. You might also wonder why HEFCE have asked for Open Access.  After all it will mean a little more work and time is precious.


Salford Business School  (CC BY 2.0)

But the policy is about much more than ticking the boxes and this is why it is so important.  We are entering a new world where knowledge is easy to share and it is important that we do so – freely, with no financial or geographical barriers. RCUK and many other funding councils have made funds available to make this happen – it is publicly funded research, and it should therefore be available to all and not to the privileged few.  In this spirit, HEFCE do not require expensive Gold Open Access payments to be made, but are content with the Green route.  And although HEFCE does not require monographs or book chapters to be open access for the next REF it is encouraged where possible and required by some funders, e.g. Wellcome,  and is something to anticipate for other funders in the future.  There are already many monograph initiatives in place such as Knowledge Unlatched, to which the University subscribes.

Do take a look at this short You Tube clip where Pro-Vice Chancellor Research & Enterprise, Professor Tim Elliott, explains the new REF Open Access Policy

We need to share our ideas, share our data and work together so we can make the world a better place for all.

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