Making it easier for you to borrow laptops and equipment


From February 8th 2016, Hartley Library will be introducing changes to laptop and equipment loans.

You asked us to increase the loan period for laptops because the library opens for longer. Although we still need to have the laptops back so they can charge overnight they will now be available from 09:00-23:00 during term time, an increase from the previous return time of 19:00.

We’re also making a change to equipment loans. In the past, if you borrowed a remote control (for air conditioning/TVs) or headphones we would ask you for your ID card, which Library staff kept. This often caused problems for people who wanted to borrow books or to leave the library for a break. From now on equipment will be issued to your library account – just like we issue a laptop, so we don’t need to keep your card.  This will be the case between 09:00-23:00. After 23:00, security staff will issue items by manually recording your student ID and the ID of the item you borrow.

The biggest change is to loans-related support from the Level 2 Information Desk: During term time this will be more aligned with our opening hours, operating 09:00-23:00 on weekdays and weekends.

At Hartley the Level 2 Information Desk is the place to go if you need help accessing any of our services or have a question about the library. The team there will handle most enquiries but if necessary will refer you on to more specialist support such as the IT helpdesk, the Academic Skills Hub or your Academic Engagement Librarian. You can find out more about the services we offer from the Hartley Getting Help pages on LibGuides where you will also find our full opening hours and information about 24/7 periods at Hartley.


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