Rolling in the Stacks


Everybody who works in a library environment knows that it is varied and challenging; nothing much like the stereotypical ‘shush’ and read all day role that is often portrayed (although the ‘shush’ thing is sometimes unavoidable)…

But being asked to take part in a promotional video took varied and challenging to a different level.

The enthusiasm with which the idea was pitched to me slowly thawed any uncertainties I had about not being able to act or being brave enough to look directly at a camera. Instead I focussed on how it was comforting to join in and show what I don’t have the words to say to every person who joins and uses the library;

“Hello! Welcome to the Health Services Library, we are so happy that you’re here. Whatever you need, please don’t hesitate to ask because we love to help.”

Repeat anything enough times and the sincerity will be lost, ground down by weariness and a sore throat.

But the video remains fresh, and the warmth and conviction of the message are preserved for every view.

I’m glad I took part, and with mingled pride and embarrassment, I encourage you to watch Rolling in the Stacks; directed by Karin Jazosch and produced by Tom Watson-Brown.

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