Revision – helping you to know which way is up!

It is coming towards exam time again and you will soon be thinking of revising. Okay so maybe you’ll be thinking of the lovely Christmas break first, but then at some point you will need to start thinking about revision! Revision can be as stressful as the actual exam (if not more!) which is why at the Hartley Library we try and help by making things easier for you:

Southampton Academic Skills Hub: If you are at a total loss on how to start revising why not visit the Academic Skills Hub based at Hartley Library, it’s opened Monday-Friday: 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00. Or would you like to know what type of learner you are? If so take a look online at our Exam Technique LibGuide and identify your learning style with a free self-test.


Exam Papers: Would you like to see what exam questions have gone before? If so they are available online. Papers may be retrieved from the database via a number of search criteria including year, unit code, semester, unit title and paper code. And if you’re interested there are 15,942 exam papers online and since the database was made available in 2009 there have been over 1,335,700 downloads. So get downloading and working!

24/7 Opening: After our initial pilots we now have 24/7 opening at Hartley Library, this started Monday 2nd November 2015 and will continue until the Christmas break and will resume from Saturday 2nd January 2016.

Christmas and New Year opening: We will be opening the Hartley Library from Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st December 2015, the opening hours during this time are 09:00-18:00. Hartley Library will be closed on New Year’s Day, Friday 1st January 2016 and 24/7 opening will restart on Saturday, 2nd January from 07:30.

Support and wellbeing: If you feel like you could do with some extra support during your exams, there are staff and services here to help you via Student Services. Please feel like you can come and speak to someone as the University wishes to support you throughout your time here and especially during this stressful period.

Prepare for the upcoming Exam Season: Take a look at this post on the University noticeboard, giving hints and tips as well as some upcoming workshops.

Group study rooms: These are available at Hartley Library for booking as usual for those times when you find it useful to work as a group.

Food and drink @ Hartley Library: As throughout the year, cold food and drinks with lids are allowed on Levels 1-3 of Hartley, and bottles of water are allowed on Levels 4 and 5 (there are water fountains on Levels 2 and 4).

If you have any feedback (good or not so good!) or suggestions, please let us know either by leaving a comment on this post, by email to or via Facebook or Twitter. Your comments do make a difference and will help us plan for the next exam period.

Good luck to everyone who is revising or writing assignments or dissertations! All your hard work will be worth it in the end.

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