Are you a book lover too?

Old Leather Books by Wyoming_Jackrabbit (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Old Leather Books by Wyoming_Jackrabbit
(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If you love books, not just to help you with your latest essay, but because they open up new worlds to explore – then this is the week for you.  It may not be widely known, but November 9 – 16th is Academic Book week – the centrepiece of this year’s work on the 2-year AHRC/British Library Project entitled ‘The Academic Book of the Future’. This is the first time that booksellers, institutions, publishers, librarians, authors and readers have come together to debate and celebrate “the diversity , innovation and influence of academic books”. The book has certainly come a long way from when it was handwritten and illustrated on parchment. Now many of our books are electronic, some even freely available, and although we will always be paper lovers at heart (or at least I will!), it is good to share books more widely and reach out to other audiences. Can we imagine what the book will look like in another thousand years’ time? The book is truly a cause for celebration – is a week long enough to look at something which can be life-changing?

Take a look at the link below:

and see how many free events are taking place around the country if you are interested. In addition there are daily competitions to win books and special offers, which is always good news!

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