It’s raining, it’s pouring……………..

HL_5_uprightSo come in to the warm and dry Library and enjoy a bit of study time.  We have study spaces to suit all and we hope you will be able to find something in Hartley which works for you.

If you wish to study with your friends or seminar group, we have a large number of bookable study rooms in Hartley, the Health Services Library, and the National Oceanographic Library, equipped with white boards and computer access.  During the day, they get very busy so you can book them yourself up to 2 weeks in advance.  Just go to:

We leave the rooms unlocked so during evenings and weekends, you do not need to book. If the rooms are full, we also have large tables on the open floors where you can still work together, but quietly!

But maybe you prefer to study alone?  All the floors have many study desks, most with sockets, including some lap top free areas if the tapping gets on your nerves.  We even have desks of different heights to give you more leg room.

If this is still not quiet enough for you, there are specially designated quiet areas on Levels 4 and 5 – the link above will give you the details.  During exam periods you can also book study desks in these areas online.

Still too many people around for you?  Worry not, we have placed single work desks in the middle of stacks so you can surround yourselves by books instead.  Perfect, eh? You see we really have tried to think of everything!

If being surrounded by books is not your thing at all but you do need computer access, we have several rooms of iSolutions workstations in Hartley, down the corridor to the right at the back of the Entrance Hall.

We hope this helps and you can find somewhere you enjoy working on these dark and wet November days.  As exams loom and it gets busier still in the Library, we will keep you updated on other working spaces around the campus.

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