Digitisation requests – straight to you.

digitisation blog

If you are unable to get to the Library or working on a placement abroad or in Malaysia, we may be able to help you. Within certain limits, the Library can provide you with book chapters or articles from periodicals.

You can order material by logging into WebCat ,  Select Requests & Document Supply, Select Request something from our collections and  supply as much information as you have on what you require. More details are available below and at: http://library.soton.ac.uk/document-supply.

digitisations blog

The Hartley Library has 2 dedicated staff http://library.soton.ac.uk/ldu working 5 days a week digitising books, periodicals and reports for its readers.Please see Marianne post ” A day in the life of a library assistant” for more information on this

Book scanners like the one below are used to digitise individual pages, with each page being turned by hand. If pages contain printed text they can then be turned into searchable pdfs.

The LDU is digitising out of copyright works from our Libraries and making them available from Internet through our Archive Service.


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