Digitised Course Collection: bringing the library to you


One of our main aims in the Library is to make our resources as easy to access and use as possible. A key set of resources are articles and book chapters digitised for specific courses, otherwise known as the Digitised Course Collection.

Digitised Course Collection resources can be accessed via WebCat, our library catalogue.  You can either use the Course Collections tab to search all the resources for a specific course code, course name or lecturer, or type in keywords from an article or chapter title.

You need to login to WebCat with your institutional login (the same login as for your University email) for the ‘Full text access available’ clickable link to appear (if you have any problems logging in we can help).

digitisatons blog 2

All digitised Course Collection documents are pdfs which means you can easily save or print them. They are also fully searchable (for example, using the CTRL + F command on a PC).

If you are on campus, logging into WebCat is all you need to do to access the documents but they can also be accessed off campus either by using VPN or the new Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE).

If there is a chapter or article on a reading list that you would like added to the Digitised Course Collection please let us know and we will investigate, although not all resources are eligible, as my colleague Marianne will explain in her upcoming blog post on A day in the life of a library assistant.

Alternatively, if there is a chapter or article that you would like to read that we have in print form in the library but it is not on a reading list, you can use our Document Supply service to request a scanned copy. Julian Ball, our Digitisation manager, has written a blog post to explain this – coming soon.

If you need a book, chapter or article that we do not hold within our library collections our interlibrary loans team will be happy to help.

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