DelphiS – Available @ Southampton


Imagine DelphiS is like a huge online store, where you can see lots of items you like, or might be interested in. Now imagine that this store will only allow you to see some of the items they have on offer because you only have a subscription to part of it. Such as only seeing some film/TV series through an online provider because they do not have access to everything.

This is how DelphiS will work, it will show you a wealth of results and resources available through it, but the University of Southampton does not have access to everything. Performing a search on DelphiS can bring up a large volume of results and you may want to limit it by using filters and a lot of people using DelphiS are aware of this. What does not seem to be so well known is the ‘Available @ Southampton’ filter.


Ticking this option will ensure the results you look through will be available to you as a student/member of staff at the University of Southampton. You will be able to access them as PDF Full Text, Linked Full Text or Check for Full Text links within your search results.

If you would like to find out more about DelphiS and searching take a look at the LibGuide this will get you started in getting the most out of DelphiS and ensuring your searches are relevant and available to you as a member of the University of Southampton.


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