Stuck for somewhere to study over the Summer?


Do you need access to another academic library during the Summer vacation? If so, you may want to sign up for the Sconul Summer Vacation Access scheme.  The scheme enables undergraduates and taught postgraduates to use another HE library for reference only.  All you need to do is take your home institution library card along to your University of choice, where you will be signed up for access. It is advised however that you contact the institution prior to arrival to check whether they need proof of when your course ends. Remember also that if the chosen institution has Eduroam access then you will be able to gain Internet access and use our electronic resources (NB: this does not include any resources belonging to the institution in question).

It should be noted that the Summer Vacation Access Scheme is distinct from Sconul Access which allows staff, postgraduate students and part-time or distance learning students borrowing rights across most universities in the UK and Ireland.  You can further information on the Sconul Vacation scheme here  and the Sconul Access scheme here.

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