Spaces to study?


We have provided more study spaces for the busy exam period as you told us you needed more places to revise; If you want to plan your study, you could book a desk

You can come in earlier or later – the Hartley library is open 24/7,

Explore a different floor from one you usually use; try Room 4129 – enter the Turner Sims Reading Room on Level 4 (spiral staircase) and turn left till you get to the end; or the Study Rooms at the ends of the mezzanine, Level 5 as well as Rooms 4075 and 4077 at the end of the Level 4 Corridor.

For fair access to all study spaces, library staff are placing orange slips on desks that have been left unattended with the date and time added. If you see a slip that has been there more than 30 minutes you may move the person’s belongings to one side and use the space. You can also ask library staff to help at any time.

Good luck in your exams


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