Exam fever at Hartley

imagesWe hope the information in our blog last week helped you to manage your work and find space in Hartley Library when you need it.  However, we do know that this is the busiest time of year and there will always be a need for more pcs.  You might wish to look outside the Library at these busy times.  iSolutions have lists on their site of all the workstation rooms which are open, many of them for 24 hours like Hartley.  They have a nifty tool which not only shows you where the workstations are situated, but also how many are actually free at the moment and in which room.  Go to:

http://tools.southampton.ac.uk/workstations/   for up to date information.

 In addition, The Halls of Residences will be opening up their common rooms again and although not 24/7 will be available up until midnight in most cases:

The following will all be available 6am – Midnight

Glen Eyre JCR (Junior Common Room)

Glen Eyre Hartley Grove

Connaught JCR (Junior Common Room)

Mayflower A Common Room

Hartley Grove Common Room

Bencraft Room G

Gateley Common Room

Erasmus Park

Highfield Dining Hall will have different arrangements due to catering:   Weekdays 10:00am until 17:00pm and then from 20:00 until Midnight, and Weekend 14:00 until Midnight

We appreciate it is a difficult and stressful time for you, and if you have any thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our service provision, please use our Feedback system and let us know:


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