EBooks – Whoever said technology makes life easier?

EBooks are troublesome and wondrous in design all at the same time. They enable you to get access to information and resources wherever you have access to the Internet. However, the companies who supply eBooks seem to make everything quite complicated through the licence agreements. There are various licences that the library buys to allow you access to the eBook, some allow all of you to access the eBook all at the same time. Others allow only one person to access the eBook at one time. We have licences which enable you to download the eBook for a number of days, however once downloaded the eBook may be unavailable to any other user until the download period expires or until you check the eBook back in. Some of the eBook suppliers do try to be helpful with notes telling you what type of access we have:

  • Limited User Access (1 Copies Available)
  • Unlimited User Access (Unlimited Copies Available)
  • Multiuser Access (3 Copies Available)
  • Your institution has access to 1 copy of this book
  • Your institution has unlimited access to this book

Or how you can access and read the eBook:

  • Available for Online Reading
  • Available for Full Download
  • This book is not available for download

Or that the eBook is currently unavailable for viewing:

  • Not Available for Online Reading. Sorry, this eBook is currently in use. Please search for another eBook
  • This book is currently being viewed by another patron and will be available when they have finished. Please check back again soon

If you’ve never looked at an eBook before the best way to search is in WebCat, choose the option “Search only Electronic Books” and then put in the author/title or some keywords this will return a result with all the eBooks we have access to within our collection. For more information on eBooks take a look at our eBooks LibGuide.


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