Panicking about your dissertation?


If so, some help may be at hand. The Library has been running a series of lunchtime workshops in the “Improve Your Results” series for students doing their dissertation, who have their deadline looming and feel they need more help. The first three have been well received with students commenting “Really useful and informative. I didn’t know we had such useful resources” & “Thank you, as a Y3 student I thought it might teach me to suck eggs, but it was really useful”.

 The sessions are generic, so should be of interest whichever subject you study. We talk about:

  • choosing a topic
  • finding and accessing key resources
  • the pros and cons of Google Scholar
  • what different types of information you need
  • evaluating Web resources
  • what to do if we don’t have what you want
  • referencing
  • working off-campus
  • where to get more help

 There is also time for questions and to try things out.

 It’s your last chance to attend a dissertation session on Wednesday 18 Feb – 1.00-1.40 in the Hartley Library, room 4075

 Sign up at


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