Revising in the Hartley Library


We all know how stressful revising can be which is why at the Hartley Library we have acted on feedback from previous exam periods to try to make things easier for you:

24/7 opening: our pilot of 24 hour opening 6 days a week has been extended in 2015 to 24 hour opening 7 days a week (from January 5th to January 23rd).

Bookable desks: approximately double the number of bookable study desks have been made available and relocated to the Course Collection room on Level 2 (the Library entrance level).

Abandoned desks: if a desk with books or personal items on is left unattended we will place a dated and timed note on it explaining that if it remains vacant for 30 minutes anyone else is free to use the desk.

Extra study space: the Library training rooms 4075 and 4077, with desk space and computer workstations,  will be open for individual study (7:30am-7pm Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm Saturdays) unless they have been previously booked for training sessions.

Group study rooms: these are available for booking as usual for those times when you find it useful to work as a group.

Getting home at night: we have worked closely with SUSU to ensure that the Safety Bus is running throughout the night, and you may also have noticed SUSU handing out free bananas in the Library to help with energy levels!

Food and drink in the Library: as throughout the year, cold food and drinks with lids are allowed on Levels 1-3 of Hartley, and bottles of water are allowed on Levels 4 and 5 (there are water fountains on Levels 2 and 4). The Library Cafe is offering extended opening hours, and the vending machine outside the cafe is being regularly stocked!

Cleaning and security: our team of cleaners are carrying out additional sweeps for rubbish, and we have security staff in the Library all through the night who provide a full report to Library staff in the morning.

If you have any feedback (good or not so good!) or suggestions, please let us know either by leaving a comment on this post, by email to or via Facebook or Twitter. Your comments do make a difference and will help us plan for the next exam period.

Good luck to everyone who is revising or writing assignments or dissertations! All your hard work will be worth it in the end.




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