Christmas is a coming…….


The Christmas lights have been turned on, the tree is decorated, and the days have definitely taken a frosty turn in the mornings.  What can all this mean, I wonder?  And yes – you are right – exams!  Most of you will have exams in January which means you will need to really get down to work after any festivities in December.  So what can we do to help?  We did bring a few extra desks into Hartley over the summer, and some study desks will be bookable along with the Group Study rooms.  But the really good news is that as our 24/6 pilot in May earlier this year (shorter hours on Sunday), was so successful,  we have decided  to offer 24/7 this time. So from Monday 5th January  – Friday 23rd January 2015, we are going to do just that.  The library will open at 7.30am on Monday 5th and remain open throughout the exam period until midnight on Friday 23rd when normal opening hours will resume. Details and links to room and study desk bookings are below:

With all this excitement to come next year, we hope you will still find the time to relax and enjoy your Christmas break.  See you in January!

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