Sustainability Action – saving energy, carbon and money!


Sustainability is about balancing social, economic and environmental elements to build a better future. Sustainability Action is a staff-student programme here at Southampton aiming to embed sustainability across the CORE of the University. The goal is to make the University of Southampton a pioneer in the area of sustainability, providing every student and staff member the opportunity to engage with this global issue. They offer some top tips on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why not have a look at the awards the Sustainability Action team have won when you are next in the Hartley Library. The cabinet is at the back of the entrance hall and displays awards and provides information on what the team have been working on here at the University of Southampton.

And today Sustainability Action is asking you to get ready to switch off as Blackout is Back. The University has set a target of reducing carbon emission by 20% by 2020. Today (Friday 14th) as part of efforts to reduce these emissions the University is asking that we turn off all non-essential electrical equipment in office areas and computer rooms that has been left on before the weekend (i.e. computers, printers, lights, mobile phone chargers). This year the Blackout will take place across Highfield, Avenue, WSA and Boldrewood. So why not do your bit and ensure any non-essential items are switched off.


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