Open Access Week 2014: Publishers



by Nicki Clarkson.

The move to open access publishing, where articles are freely accessible to anyone online, has had a big impact on the traditional journal publishing industry.  Articles can be published as ‘gold’ open access (where an Article Processing Charge or APC may be paid) in either a pure gold journal, or a hybrid journal which is a mix of subscription and open access articles.

Alternatively, many publishers allow a version of the article to be published as ‘green’ open access – this is often the author accepted manuscript; the version of the article that has adopted changes resulting from peer review but does not have the publisher’s formatting. Green open access does not require the payment of an APC, with the copy of the article being deposited in an institutional or subject repository or on the author’s personal webpage, but may be subject to an embargo from the publisher. Embargo periods vary between publishers, and even in different journals owned by the same publisher, meaning the green version can in some cases be made available immediately but in other cases cannot be made available until 6, 12, 18 or even 48 months after the publisher version was…well, published.

If you are interested in finding out more about gold or green publishing, how to pay APCs, how to find out embargo periods for particular journals and whether they comply with specific funder policies, how to add your work to ePrints Soton or anything else relating to open access please have a look at our webpages or email us at

This year, many journal publishers are celebrating Open Access week (which runs from 20-26th October) and the dissemination of research, either by reducing or waiving APCs or making their subscription-only content freely available for the duration of Open Access week. These are the publisher offers we have spotted so far:

RSCOA_F1000 Peer J Cogent OA T&F Sage

Nature Communications

If you want to be part of Open Access week but don’t have an article ready to publish or upload to ePrints Soton, why not take part in the Knowledge Unlatched open access meme competition? We’d love to see your entries! You can share them with us on Twitter @UniSotonLibrary


Knowledge Unlatched competition


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