Free TV and Radio Archives: Meet BoB


There’s a new resource available which gives you a choice of over 1 million TV + radio programmes online.  This is thanks to iSolutions who have provided funding so that all UoS staff & students now have access to Box of Broadcasts (otherwise known as BoB National).

BoB is a shared online off-air TV and radio recording service which enables all users to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels. This has created a growing media archive (dating back to 2007) which can be watched using a range of devices including tablets and mobiles.

It is the additional things that people especially seem to like about BoB – that you can create clips of programmes to use in presentations, request recordings from the 7-day guide and compile playlists of favourites to share.  Plus a lot of content now comes with a searchable transcript so that you can jump straight to those points in a programme that match your search.


Take a look for yourself: (you need to login using your UoS username and password) and have a go at requesting a programme, creating a clip and setting up a playlist – tutorials showing you how to do all of these things can be found at

If you love BoB, I’d be interested to hear why:

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