Using Hartley Library for the first time? Let us help

2849889847_faa73ee945_z (1)(Longleat Maze by Niki Odolphle)

Are you new to the University and struggling to find your way around the Library?  Do not despair for help is all around you!  Hartley Library is a large building and can be very confusing when exploring for the first time.

We have floor plans and touch screens with information if you need to know which books are on which floor though do feel free to ask us as well!  – we have a very friendly Reception team in the foyer who are always happy to help and will be there whenever the Library is open.  Next to them we have our Loans team and up the stairs on Level 3, a Subject Enquiry service for more in-depth queries.

If you cannot make it into the Library, our web site has our phone numbers and email addresses. We also operate a Live Chat service between 10am and 5pm each weekday so if something is puzzling you whilst searching DelphiS, or you have a query of any sort, you can find out the answer immediately.

This year we are delighted to welcome iSolutions back into the Library on a permanent basis to help with IT queries.  They can help you connect to WiFi, explain what VPN is and generally offer guidance and support. They are open 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Please do not feel lost – let us help.


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