From Manchester to Southampton via Bath – meet Jenny Foster



I’ve been asked to give a brief introduction to myself which I’ll be following up with a look at my new role here at University of Southampton, as Client Services and Support Manager once I’ve got to grips with it myself.

Ask most librarians and you’ll find there is no typical route into the profession. I studied sculpture as my first degree and had been considering a career in galleries and archives. In the end I did a library qualification and found that the work really appealed to me.  My first professional post was with Trafford Council where I was lucky enough to gain experience across a range of services. I worked with E-Services, managed the reference library and tourist information centre, organised events and, as one of my final projects, worked with the social services team in order to complete an information audit of commissioned services. The impact public libraries can have on communities and individuals is something that has stayed with me and I feel very strongly about their importance and future.

I then went on to work in a FE College library, a role I really enjoyed due to the close contact with students and the opportunity to bring about change relatively quickly. From there I moved to Bath Spa University where I had the dubious title of ‘Facilities Librarian.’ My remit included the converged reception team, loans, student records, ILL and an overall responsibility for the building. In reality this seemed to involve a large number of meetings with the Estates team in the ladies toilets to discuss ‘smells! ’

Despite being very much a northerner I’ve grown to love Bath and Bristol and the wealth of culture on offer in the two cities. Leaving the area for Southampton was a hard decision, made a lot easier knowing that I was coming to a first class university.

Professionally I have an interest in maker and hack spaces in libraries while personally I’m fairly active. I’m the first one to admit that my love of running really stems from the need to compensate for my cake habit.  I also still do the odd bit of art when the mood takes me, much of which is also library and book related.

(image reference


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