MOOCs ahoy!


On June 30th our latest MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) was announced by FutureLearn with whom the University has been working.  This MOOC, produced by the Archaeologists at Southampton is entitled Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology and will last 4 weeks starting on October 6th. There have already been over 500 sign ups which demonstrates what a very popular subject this is.  MOOCs are freely available short courses which anyone at all can sign up to study online regardless of location or status. The aim is to make them appealing, interesting and informative.  The FutureLearn site offers many courses which you can sign up for,  delivered by many Universities and other institutions, not just the University of Southampton.

In May and June this year, another archaeological MOOC about the  Portus  project  was delivered from Southampton and attracted many followers and we think Shipwrecks could have the same appeal.  However, if Archaeology is not your thing, there are many more to choose from. Yesterday saw the launch of the most recent University of Southampton course to go live –  Developing your Research Project – which will last for 8 weeks. Why not look and see if there are any you would be interested in, or tell your friends!


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