The book that went to war

AdrianBellBooks have always been important for recording and disseminating information, but did you know that during the Second World War a book was carried by many soldiers in their kit bag? Adrian Bell was born in 1901 and wrote about his early experiences of farming in the countryside in Suffolk. From this experience came a book entitled Corduroy which was first published in 1930 and then reissued in paperback by Penguin in 1940 and was most likely the copy carried by soldiers. During the war Adrian Bell received many letters from soldiers expressing their appreciation of his descriptions of English life, as a reminder of what they were fighting for. Sadly the library doesn’t hold a copy of this book for you to enjoy, but we do have another of his books entitled A countryman’s notebook. Another bit of trivia, Martin Bell who was a former broadcast war reporter is the son of Adrian Bell.

Just for fun are you able to search out and find the location of the book we hold in the library?


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