Fire devastates iconic Library

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We were all shocked at the recent news that Glasgow School of Art had lost its wonderful and irreplaceable Charles Rennie Mackintosh Library to fire last month.    The Library took the biggest hit because of its 100 year old timber structure, wooden bookcases and furniture which caused the blaze to spiral out of control. Mackintosh was one of the most important 20th century European architects  and his designs are world famous.  The Library was a labour of love and bore his stamp throughout.  The cause of the fire had yet to be fully confirmed, but was believed to have started in the basement when a projector caught fire.  Ironically, the very air vent shafts that Mackintosh created helped to spread it through the building.  It is a tragic loss which has shocked the world and robbed us of a priceless work of art.  The Government has promised millions of pounds to help restore the building but it will never be the same.  Our hearts go out to the staff and students at Glasgow School of Art.

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courtesy of


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