Language Resources Centre links to Library loans system and catalogue


For several months the Library has been working towards incorporating the Language Resources Centre (LRC) lending and catalogue system into the larger University Library system.   We will complete this process during the Easter vacation.  From Monday 28 April 2014 all resources borrowed from the LRC will be managed in the same way as at all other Library sites: items will be borrowed using a staff/student ID card.

There will be some clear benefits from this change:

  1. LRC resources will be viewable and searchable on WebCat and the Delphis search system, in the same way as other Library resource
  2. The majority of items previously issued for 2 days, will now be available for 1 week
  3. A single loans system for students to use, that is the same across all Library sites

As part of these changes the loan periods for the LRC resources will merge with the existing Library-wide loan periods.  This means that the 2-day loan period will cease and resources within the LRC will fall into one of the following loan periods:

  •  Reference-only
  • Today loan (used primarily for equipment: Dictaphones, headphones, MP3 players)
  • Short-loan (return next day by 11 a.m.)
  • LRC-1week-loan  (non-renewable 1-week-loan: the majority of resources within the LRC will fall into this category)

If you’ve any questions about these changes staff within the Language Resources Centre will be very happy to speak to you.  Alternatively you can email us at


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