A quiet Monday evening in the Library………

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If you are planning to spend this coming Monday evening in the Library, then you need to be aware that things will be very different.  A major network outage is planned to take place between 7pm and midnight which will affect electronic services across the University.  Although quiet study is still available, just about all our other services will not be.  There will be no email or internet access via workstations, no online user services such as Loans, Holds, Self Issue, etc, and in fact not much of anything at all.  This is part of the University’s continued network service improvement programme, and so if you want to borrow books or access anything electronically, then please make sure you do this before 7pm on Monday 17th March.  After 7pm, it is then up to you – quiet study in the Library as in Medieval times, or you could leave the Library behind for a few hours and celebrate St Patrick’s Day instead. Slainte!

NB: There will be a slight change in opening times at Avenue Campus (Avenue Library & the Language Resource Centre) which will close at 18:00 and WSA Library which will close at 18:30. All other sites will maintain normal opening hours.

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