Online Tutorials for Software Skills

Capture has been used extensively at WSA for a number of years, owing to the wealth of design software tutorials  available on the site. Now, the entire University of Southampton community has access and can enjoy a library of thousands of online video tutorials covering a wide variety of subjects. Fancy trying a creative skill? How about experimenting with Adobe Creative Suite, iBooks essential training, After Effects, 3D printing and Cinema 4D. Interested in brushing up on Excel or being as confident using a Mac or PC? Then there are over 30 student tool courses. Other topics include business skills, educational technology and online marketing.

Staff and students can now login and access on both PC’s and Mac’s, and also from iPhones, iPads and Android devices. To access this service visit our portal

The courses cater for all levels from beginner through to advanced, so whether you want to learn something from scratch or just expand your current knowledge, is a really good place to start. So do take a look!

NB: This post first appeared in a modified version on WSA Library blog.

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