Opening Hours Poll

512px-Owl_at_NightPhoto by – Wing-Chi Poon  (Creative Commons)

Here is a sneak preview of the responses we received to our Opening Hours poll – clue above!  It seems that many of you are indeed night owls who prefer to work through the night and not to have to move to another building once you are settled.  There were also those early birds who preferred to be in with the dawn chorus. Opening through the night, even if just for the exam period or weekdays, would certainly improve the flexibility of your days, and this was especially true for those on placement or who have trouble finding time to study during current Library opening hours.  Although the majority of you talked about Hartley Library, there was a lot of support for opening later and at weekends at the sites, particularly at Avenue and WSA.   This was partly because of the books and other resources, but mostly because you liked the warm and safe environment of the Library.  Some of you found the long closures over the Christmas and Easter periods to be inconvenient, and that access to the Library would be hugely beneficial to your study, results and meeting deadlines. There was also hope that longer hours would mean the Library was less busy throughout the day.  Your optimism is encouraging!  

Most of you then who responded to our short survey did want the hours to change.  However, it maybe that those who did not take part in this poll were happy with the hours we currently offer?

Watch this space for more information………..


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