New Study Rooms

level4 (2)

Two new very welcome additions to Hartley Library are the study spaces on Levels 4 and 5.  On Level 4, we have turned the space formerly occupied by the UK Office into a large quiet study room.  This room can be found on the far left of the Turner Sims reading room where the History and Archaeology books are kept.  It is large enough to be used for group activities such as school visits, but it also contains approximately 40 brand new desks with power and USB charging available.  Some of these desks are tucked into alcoves so you can work in a very secluded way if  you  wish, the majority of them more open as in the pictures above.

level5 (2)

On Level 5 the newly refurbished area is above the space on level 4  – at the far end of the mezzanine floor between Levels 4 and 5.  If you approach up the spiral staircase from the Reading Room below, it will be on your far right. This area also includes a bookable study room as well as more spaces for quiet study.  Again – all the desks and chairs are new and supplied with power.  We hope that the variety of  different types of study spaces will mean there is something for everyone.

We think these look great and we hope you do too! 


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