Delve into DelphiS!

Time Lost

Spending too long looking for the right sort of articles – Do you need to save time?

When searching the internet – you have to do the hard work and establish if the source is Credible, Accurate, Reasonable – without Bias and Supported by other references. This can take hours.

 If you use DelphiS, this work has been done for you.

 DelphiS is our new search tool for discovering all that the library has to offer, it mimics a simple “Google style” search box but will deliver results from authoritative resources. Delphis searches across all the catalogues and databases that the library has bought and managed so you are searching across the board thus enhancing your results and the range of results you will get from different subject areas.

Do you want full text articles now?

Delphis can sort your searches to only return only articles available to read from the screen – fulltext.

Need help with searching

Use the chat box for help as you search, we can help you between 10am-5pm Monday to Friday.

We have a libguide on how to get the most out of Delphis


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