Exam fever

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a lovely break over Christmas.  But now exams are looming……….You will notice that the Library – Hartley in particular – is very busy and pretty full despite all the extra study spaces we created over the summer and the extra desks brought in specially for the exam period.  However, frustrating though this may be, we are afraid that you are unable to reserve a seat all day if not sitting in it for any length of time.  We understand you need a break now and again, but it is not fair to other students to leave your belongings and disappear for ages.  So we allow you up to half an hour, and then we reserve the right to move your things to one side to let someone else sit down.  Please remember this and be respectful of your fellow students. To try and ease the situation, there are some study desks in Hartley which can be booked in advance.  Please see the Reception desk staff about doing this as you would for booking a study room.

Please also be aware of trailing wires from laptops  which may be hard to spot when the Library is so full. We have installed new power sockets now so this should help.

Hartley is open till 2am until the end of the month, and for those of you who would like to study there until the bitter end – there is a safety bus to get you home. Fares are cheap and it can be found outside the Stags Head pub on campus after 8pm.  It will take you to your door and keeps running until everyone has got safely home.

Past exam papers are available online at:


You just need to log in with your user name and password.

And of course the Library staff are always here to help.  So now it is over to you…….and if in doubt, remember there is always chocolate!


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