You asked, we did


Last year we carried out a Survey in the Library prior to remodelling the Entrance Hall.  We asked you for feedback on what you would like to see in the Library, given the limitations of space.  We take your views very seriously and have been able to respond this year on a number of issues.  Your main concerns were:

  • Not enough study space
  • Different types and locations of study space
  • Not enough power points
  • Better use of space in the foyer with soft seating
  • Extended cafe space
  • Longer opening hours
  • Changes to loan periods
  • More scanners


So what DID we do?

  • Entrance Hall has been totally re-modelled and an extra 78 desks in place.  In addition there is a soft seating area
  • Lattes’ seating area has been extended with both soft and hard seating
  • The power points are on their way for Level 2 and 4 where the new desks will be
  • Major revisions were made to loan periods for both Course Collection and long loan books. It is now possible to borrow a book for the entire academic year if no-one else requests it
  •  Screens in the group study rooms at the Hartley and Health Services Libraries have been replaced by bigger screens

  •   Additional scanners were made available in the library
  •   The policy of allowing food and drink in the library has been extended to include the Health Services Library
  •    Temporary desks were hired to increase the capacity of the Hartley Library during the summer examination period

  • In the Turner Sims area on Level 4 of Hartley, the offices formerly occupied by the UK Development team have now been cleared for study and another 30 study desks installed. We have also adapted areas on the mezzanine floor between Levels 4 and 5 enabling more desks to be added.

Phew!  All that in the last 10 months.  Other matters arising have not been ignored but are still under discussion.

As you see, your opinion counts for a lot, so please do use our Feedback system if you have any more suggestions for improvement.

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