Enquiry Service Changes

Just back from holiday – have only been away for 2 weeks and big changes have been afoot – you can’t turn your back for a moment here, especially in the summer.  Our Subject Enquiry Service no longer operates from Level 3.  Instead we have moved the lovely Loans Desk team there and are planning a whole new look for Level 2 (follow our Building works blog for more information).  Enquiries can still be made at this desk and if you need more help during office hours, they will contact our team of Subject Librarians to look at your query in more detail.  Also – don’t forget we have a Library Chat page, our email service at libenqs@soton.ac.uk, and the Reception Desk which continues to soldier bravely on amidst the chaos that is soon to strike Level 2.

We have also moved the Course Collection to Level 1 for now just to make it even more confusing than it already is.  And all this in just 2 weeks – you have to move fast to keep up with the Library!  So do ask at the Level 3 desk if you need help – we would love to see you.  And enjoy the sunshine!

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