Move’s afoot!


If you come into the Library next week and can’t see anyone behind the Loans Desk, don’t panic! They haven’t been abducted by aliens, instead the Loans staff will have moved to the desk on level 3. They will be camping out there all summer while level 2 of the Library has a makeover. If you then require any Loans or Enquiry service the level 3 desk will be your one stop shop. Also to change things up a bit starting Saturday 6th July the Loans service will available from this desk 09.00-13.00.

There has also been a delay in the preparations for the library entrance hall and this will now start a week later, beginning 22nd July. The Course Collection will move to its temporary home on level 1 starting Wednesday 10th July. During this time you will still be able to get to all the Course Collection material however there will be a period of time when some items may be in-transit. At the same time the Hartley Library Holds will also move to their temporary location on level 1.


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